250th Anniversary of the American Revolution

In two short years America will be commemorating the 250th anniversary of the American Revolution.  But you don’t have to wait two years to enjoy a region steeped in American history and heritage sites.

From the first blood spilled at Leslie’s Point in Salem, to the opening shots at the Battles of Lexington and Concord, to John Glover and the Marblehead Men who ferried General Washington and his troops across the Delaware, the region just north of Boston offers bountiful exploration of the people, events and battles that shaped the formation of the United States.

In the gap between the Boston Tea Party and the Battle of Lexington and Concord, Essex County was the acting seat of government and played a pivotal role in the times. Traveling the Essex Coastal Scenic Byway, visitors can explore the home of the Maritime Atlantic trade routes, offering a window to see how events in Essex County influenced events throughout the world. Explore how women had to run not only households, but farms and businesses while the men were away at sea, and how both the local life and armies were supported by people who were black, indigenous, Asian and a variety of other identities.

To plan your perfect walk through history, we suggest the following resources: