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February 25, 2014

If there’s anything we love, it’s sharing information and alliteration.  In the spirit of both, we bring you “Traveler Tip Tuesdays.”

Between forgotten essentials, lost luggage, and cancelled flights, traveling can be a pain.  We’re here to bring you the occasional tip or tidbit to help make traveling less stressful.  So, keep a lookout on Tuesdays for a helpful (and often fun) traveler tip!

For today’s “Traveler Tip Tuesday” we broach the subject of packing.  For lack of more eloquent phrasing, packing is awful.  If you’re lucky, you get 1 free piece of checked luggage on your flight and refuse to pay for a second.  Everything must fit in that one bag.  And once you do manage to get everything from toiletries to clothes, shoes, and “essentials” you’ll never use but feel obligated to bring “just in case”, you find that your suitcase is literally coming apart at the seams (which probably says more about buying discount department store luggage on Black Friday than it does over packing).

But there is a solution to ease the burden of fitting everything into your suitcase: rolling.  There are many instructional videos online on the art of rolling clothes, but the nub and the gist is, rolling articles of clothing saves space in your luggage.  If done properly (and not too tightly), it also saves your clothes from getting wrinkled in transit.  Perhaps more importantly, it looks super neat and organized.

Some travelers even take rolling a step further, layering a shirt, pants, and undergarments, and then making one big outfit-roll. The only drawback is that the outfit-roll tends to be bulky and take up a little extra space.

Here’s a great instructional video on clothes rolling from eHow:

**Rolling clothes isn’t just limited to travel, though.  It’s also very practical if you don’t have a lot of drawer space at home.  And besides, what’s easier; opening a drawer and searching through a stack of t-shirts trying to find the one you want (and messing up said stack when you try to take the desired shirt from the bottom) or searching through a drawer of rolled t-shirts, each roll easy to take out without disturbing the others? 


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