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My Marblehead Visit by Claire Crean

June 9, 2021

My name is Claire Crean and I am a student at Florida State University. I made the exciting decision to move to Massachusetts last July (2020) and was recently given the opportunity to run the blog for North of Boston for my summer internship. My major is focused in English: Editing, Writing and Media; I am thrilled to acquire the skills I have learned in order to successfully describe the experiences I encounter in the towns of northern Mass. Exploring my new home and writing for this website is a great way to end my college career. Stay tuned for some amazing adventures!

I had the pleasure of visiting the town of Marblehead last weekend and was thoroughly amazed by the personality, character, and enthusiasm within the community. That is the best word to describe this location—a community. This desirable spot has an exciting atmosphere full of history and impressive architecture. My first impression of the waterfront area was the warm breeze that introduced me to numerous boats gathering on a beautiful day in the harbor. My friends and I were grateful we arrived on a day as warm and lively as it was on Sunday, May 23rd.

The winding stone paths aligned with twisting roads were an unexpected change, finding parking was actually more effortless than I would have guessed. During my walk, I found myself amused and curious when passing symbols painted on the sidewalk stating, “Stop, Look, Wave.” At first, I thought the sign was fitting because of how friendly the individuals were there. At one point we were quite obviously lost, and a woman generously helped us locate Castle Rock Park on our map. However, it turns out the signs were painted on the sidewalk because local Girl Scouts made an executive decision to raise awareness for better safety in their quaint town in the year 2018. It warmed my heart when I learned that they would do something so admirable for their cozy area.

Continuing to walk around town, I was drawn into a lovely shop called Scribe Paper and Gift. I purchased an amazing notepad and spoke to the cashier. Her name was Harper who was very proud of Marblehead. She described her residence to me by stating, “It is such a close community; you really feel connected to everybody… I also love living in this neighborhood, it is like living in a time capsule. You feel like a piece of history while you’re living here.” I have not heard someone be that prideful of their home, it took me aback. She explained it perfectly, it is a unique location with exceptional stories.

We later stopped by a delectable restaurant called “The Landing,” it was very hard to miss the popular spot because of its great location on the harbor. The fortunate weather only better fit our experience seeing as we were able to sit on the comfortable outdoor furniture by the dock. The manager Robert Simonelli was very friendly and accommodating to us newcomers. Per Harper’s recommendation from our conversation at the Scribe Paper and Gift store, I ordered the Arugula Salad with steak. Not only was the meal picturesque, but the taste was to die for. I ate every bite—which is uncommon for me. Overall, I am not sure what was better, the food or the experience.

The colorful wooden homes displayed a closeness that could also be perceived in its people. It is the easy commute to stores, shops, and restaurants that adds to the entire experience. I met many friendly people, learned a lot from the historic sites, and had a meal that I will not forget. My friends and I mentioned that we want to live there now, yet there are much more parts to see. We only got a glimpse of what Marblehead has to offer. I cannot wait to visit again and share more of my adventures.


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