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Plan a Picturesque Vacation in Amesbury, MA this Spring

April 19, 2022

Situated along the rushing waters of the Powwow River and Merrimack River, the City of Amesbury, MA is truly a picturesque place to visit this spring. As the winter chill starts to thaw and leaves and flowers begin to bud, shake off your urge to hibernate the cold weather gave you and instead plan a visit to beautiful Amesbury.

Amebury’s Most Picturesque Locations

One of the best things about spring is seeing things begin to grow and turn green again. Whether you’re a nature lover or an amateur photographer, you’ll want to visit these beautiful Amesbury locations to see the leaves and flowers come back to life. 

Lake Attitash

The lovely Lake Attitash is a 373-acre pond located about a mile and a half mile northeast of the Merrimac Center. Home to swans, ducks, hawks, and several species of fish, it’s the perfect place for nature lovers to visit. You can bird-watch, fish, boat if the weather is nice enough, and enjoy a picnic along the shoreline. Much work has been put into keeping the lake healthy and beautiful, so make sure to treat it with respect.

Amesbury Millyard

If you want a true, local hidden gem, you’ll want to make sure to visit the Amesbury Millyard. With historic New England mill buildings, a bubbling waterfall, and flowing river, it’s absolutely stunning in the spring. It’s a community amphitheater, gathering spot, nature walk, and park all combined. It’s ideal for outdoor strolls or taking beautiful photos to show your friends on Instagram.

Spring Fun for the Kids

If you’re traveling with your kids, you want to make sure they’re having a blast as much as the adults. This might seem daunting, but in Amesbury, there’s plenty of spring fun to be had for the little ones.

Cider Hill Farm

Children love farms, and Cider Hill Farm has an abundance of great things available to delight visitors of all ages. With an atmosphere that is fun, safe, and thought-provoking, your kids will have so much to do! They can play in the giant sandbox, drive farm-friendly tricycles, or swing on the horse swings. Kids who adore animals will be excited for the chance to feed the chickens and hang out with the goats. Cider Hill Farm is surely a place where they’ll create some of their fondest memories with their family.

Indoor Fun for Rainy Days

New England has temperamental weather, especially in spring. If you want to plan a fun day with friends but are worried about getting rained out, you’re in luck. Amesbury has no shortage of indoor activities where you can have a blast without worrying about the weather outside.

Gametime Lanes & Entertainment

What could be better on a rainy day than bowling at Gametime Lanes & Entertainment? Featuring ten-pin and candlepin bowling, it’s fun for the whole gang no matter the skill level. Everyone will feel like a VIP by hanging out on comfortable seating while enjoying cocktails between strikes. Play video games or win tickets to earn prizes in the expansive game room. You can even try your hand at axe throwing!

Spring is a great time to visit Amesbury, as there’s no limit to the fun and wonders you’ll experience. Take in the city’s natural beauty, make memories with the kids, and plan your next exciting day out with family and friends.

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