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Winter Adventures in Rockport, MA

December 30, 2022

Winter might not seem like the perfect time to take a trip to Rockport, MA, but really, there’s more to see and do than you might imagine. When the crowds of tourists are gone and the stillness of winter settles in, the village becomes a tranquil place perfect for sightseeing, relaxation, and introspection.


Winter might not be considered ideal beach weather for some, but it’s honestly the time to experience incredible views of the coastline. Beautiful, dramatic, and scenic, you’ll especially want to get photos of the stunning lighthouses that were built to lead the sailors home during storms. During winter, you’ll get days with crystal clear skies or atmospheric overcast skies, and both create a stunning backdrop for photos of Rockport’s historic lighthouses.

Straightsmouth Island Light

The Straightsmouth Island Light Station was established in 1835 while the present lighthouse was built in 1896. You might not be able to just walk up to the lighthouse, but you can still take beautiful pictures from the coast that are worthy of any postcard. Your friends on Instagram will be jealous of just how gorgeous scenic your photos of the lighthouse are.

Cape Ann Light Station on Thacher Island

The twin lighthouses of Cape Ann Light Station on Thacher Island have been guiding sailors since 1861. Even today they’re special, as they are the only twin lighthouses still in operation in the United States. These beautiful beacons make for stunning photos that you can show off when you tell your family about your winter trip to Rockport.


Rockport is known for its artist community on Bearskin Neck. While several of the artists’ shops are only open in the summer, there is a large assortment who keep their doors open to off-season visitors. Here is only a small selection of the stores you can find wonderful gifts and souvenirs at during the winter months.

Carol Lee’s Cottage

If you’re looking for unique fashion, housewares, art, and gifts, Carol Lee’s Cottage is your go-to shop. It’s the perfect place to celebrate a creative and coastal lifestyle, from Turkish towels to women’s tunics to melamine tableware. With clothes and decor from this store decorating your home, you’ll impress guests and make each room look magazine-ready.

Susie’s Stories

Do you or someone you know love to read? Then drop by Susie’s Stories for a selection of carefully cultivated books sure to excite readers of all ages. You may discover your new favorite author, or find a book that turns your child into a certified bookworm. If you’re looking for a specific book, ask at the register if it can be special ordered just for you.

Rockport Candle Company

Candles are a classic gift and something that can really brighten up a room. Therefore, you’d be wise to take a visit to Rockport Candle Company to find a scented candle that suits your style. Smell is one of the most powerful senses for triggering memories. That’s why, along with seasonal scents, their candle collection includes sea inspired scents and New England scents so you’ll be able to recall the fond memories you made during your trip to Rockport.

Rockport, MA is more than just a summer retreat. It’s a fantastic place to visit during the winter. Avoid the usual tourist crowds and come enjoy the village during the most peaceful and scenic time of the year.

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