5 Treasures of Haverhill

5 Treasures of Haverhill

January 13, 2016

When you ask most people about the History of Haverhill they say that it used to be a hub for the shoe-making industry. Most people don’t know about all the other historical treasures hidden around one the biggest cities North of Boston.


Winnekenni Castle - Haverhill

Winnekenni Castle built between 1873 and 1875 used to be the summer home of Dr James R Nichols. A chemist who was inspired by the stone buildings he saw while visiting England. He named it and the surrounding acres Winnekenni, an Algonquin word meaning “Very Beautiful”. Winnekenni now hosts private and public events.

Tattersall Farm in Haverhill by NBCVB

Tattersall Farm is a 150 acre farm located on North Broadway in Haverhill. The Tattersall family bought the 85 acre farm in 1898 and then bought 66 more acres across the road to add to it. The farm now hosts the popular Farm Days in September.

Haverhill Firefighting Museum

Haverhill’s Firefighting museum is home to the most extensive collection of artifacts to the City of Haverhill’s Fire department.

Winter in Haverhill

The John Greenleaf Whittier Homestead is the birth place and home of American Quaker poet and abolitionist John Green Leaf Whittier. The home was built in 1688 by Thomas Whittier, the great-great-grandfather of John Greenleaf Whittier. He was born in 1807 and worked on the family farm while pursuing his love of reading. He sold the family farm in 1936 and later moved to Amesbury.

duncan house haverhill buttonwoods

Buttonwoods Museum/Haverhill Historical Society is a community museum that focuses on the preservation of Haverhill’s history. It has three historic structures, The Duncan House, John Ward House, and Daniel Hunkins Shoe Shop.


The Duston- Dustin Garrison House was added to the treasures in July of 2016. In 1697, Thomas Dustin of Haverhill, Massachusetts was building this home for his wife Hannah Emerson Dustin and their children. During construction Hannah, her newborn and her nursemaid were captured by two Native American warriors.