7 Reasons to Visit the Topsfield Fair

7 Reasons to Visit the Topsfield Fair

September 16, 2016

Top 7 reasons to visit the Topsfield Fair

By Hillary Rogers

The Topsfield Fair is a fall staple for many people. It’s the first major event where you break out your jackets and stroll around drinking warm apple cider. Personally, I’m obsessed with the fair and if I would go every day I could. Why do I love the fair so much? Here are my top 7 reasons:









The Animals 

The Topsfield Fairs claim to fame is that it is “America’s Oldest Agricultural Fair.” With experience comes excellence, and the Topsfield Fair is no exception.
There are animals all over the fairgrounds. There are pigs, cows, llamas, sheep and so many others that kids and adults can enjoy. The best part? Most of these animals come from local area farms.








The Giant Pumpkin 

Remember being a kid and going pumpkin picking and trying to find the biggest one in the field? The Fair takes that and does it even bigger, literally. Last year the giant pumpkin weighted 1992.5-  only 8 pounds short of being one ton. Pumpkins the size of polar bears- I bet you don’t have that in your backyard.








The Gardens Building

Do you ever drive by those houses with beautiful luscious gardens and just stare with envy? That’s what this building is. Local florists and garden centers put their best foot forward to showcase their abilities. Want to buy plants or copy the gardens? Everything is labeled.


The fair is known for bringing top notch bands and entertainment. This year they are having the Brothers Osbourne. Personally, I am so excited. The best thing about their concerts is that the majority of them are free. I would highly recommend looking up the line up to see what/who is coming. If music isn’t your scene, check out Daredevils for some alternative entertainment.

The Canadian Royal Mounted Police 

If you are not familiar with what this is you have look up a video. These only come every other year (and they are coming this year!) and it’s always well attended.  It’s basically like synchronized swimming but they are Canadian police on horseback. Mounties? Check.

The Tractor Pull 

Now, some people might not have any idea what a tractor pull is or how it works. I’m here to tell you that it is thrilling. But don’t take my opinion for it, check it out yourself.









The Sandcastle

The sandcastle is another huge draw. Every year one guy creates a custom sandcastle during the fair. If you show up during the day, you can even see him working on it.

The Food 

Last but not least- food. They have everything! Candy Apples, German Fries, and Chocolate Covered Bacon on a stick- all of that and more. You know you won’t be dipping bacon in chocolate and garnishing it with a stick at home, so the fair is the perfect place for new food adventures. I would suggest pacing yourself so you can try all of your favorites.

Remember, these are just the top reasons to visit Topsfield from September 30-October 10. The fair has endless opportunities for fun for all ages. Check out more on their site.

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