From Retail Therapy to Special Occasion Dining, Lynnfield MarketStreet Has It All

From Retail Therapy to Special Occasion Dining, Lynnfield MarketStreet Has It All

October 5, 2021

By Claire Crean

One of my favorite shopping places in the northern Massachusetts area is MarketStreet Lynnfield. It is a quaint village center full of popular retail, dining, and events for the entire family to enjoy. The location is pet-friendly and offers plenty of outdoor space for everyone to appreciate on their leisure days. I have visited many spots at MarketStreet Lynnfield with friends and family where we’ve made lots of memories — from meeting for lunch to enjoing a nice night out window shopping while walking dogs.

Newly made renovations make it attractive, accessible and the perfect spot for shopping and dining. With 80+ shops and restaurants, it is the bustling center of Lynnfield. There are familiar brands with like American Eagle, Amazon Books, Altar’d State, Francesca’s, Tommy Bahama, as well as many more. The parking is readily available, and the spacing between buildings makes it easy for people to walk back and forth from stores and restaurants. There is even a designated area to charge electric cars.

It is ideal for meeting up with friends. There are areas set up perfectly for taking photos, like the grass wall that is in between shops, where I frequently saw people posing. The Marketstreet Lynnfield Instagram accurately represents their style and the picturesque atmosphere. Follow them for updates on events, places to visit, and the friendly dogs that have stopped by.

When I first went to this shopping center, I was excited to find a real-life Amazon Books store. The online store itself is one that many use; to see it in person blew me away. I love reading and have been ordering books on their website for years. When I was able to shop there in person for the first time, I was very happy. In addition to that, I can utilize my Prime membership in the store. It is a great store to visit for books, presents and many interesting items!

We celebrated my boyfriend’s grandmother’s birthday this year at the prestigious restaurant named Davio’s in Lynnfield. It is a warm and inviting place to dine, perfect for a special celebration. The first thing that caught my eye was the delightful design, white tablecloth tables, and fine wine glasses set for the guests — even their napkins were folded perfectly with an origami skill.

Our guest of honor, Beverly Soper, enjoyed spending time with her family at this high-end restaurant. It has all the atmosphere of other Davio’s locations in the city, although it is easier to access and convenient for everyone. Our family is lucky to call Gia Page, Davio’s the Sales Manager at Davio’s in Lynnfield, our friend. Her management skills are impeccable, and she keeps the restaurant running smoothly. With her assistance, we booked a private room that came with the most attentive and polite service. We were never hungry or in need of a drink because they anticipated our every need. The food was delectable, clearly made with the utmost care. They offer signature Northern Italian prime steaks, handmade pasta, and authentic pizzas like no other. Beverly’s chocolate cake (shown in the photo) was delicious, rich, and beautifully presented. Thank you, again, to Gia for preparing such an unforgettable night.

The MarketSteet Lynnfield center is a popular spot for many reasons and all seasons. It is a convenient place to meet with friends and family for shopping, eating, and attractions. Make amazing memories to share with everyone. With the holidays fast arriving, I recommend visiting the MarketStreet Lynnfield website and following the retail center on Instagram so you don’t miss out on all the festivities!


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