The Secret Case of the Village Theatre Company

July 18, 2014

Arthur Conan Doyle’s new detective manuscript is missing and young H.G. Wells only has an hour and a half to find it – what is he going to do? It’s up to novice detectives, Sherlock Holmes and his friend Dr. Watson to find it.  Unfortunately, thanks to Wells’ new time machine, Holmes and Watson accidentally end up in the 21st century!

To make matters worse, our duo are not only two fish-out-of-water, but they end up in the Freudly Institute among fellow patients Marilyn Monroe, Tarzan, Lizzie Borden, Queen Victoria, Count Dracula, and George Washington!  There’s just one problem – the Institute is for people with grandiose delusions and the doctors think Sherlock is their newest patient (and Watson his personal doctor just playing along!).

As if that was not enough, a mysterious dead body is found outside and it’s up to Sherlock Holmes to solve the mystery, find the manuscript, and prove that he really is the famous Sherlock Holmes in the Village Theatre Company’s hilarious new production, “The Secret Case of Sherlock Holmes.”

The Village Theatre Company began in 2009 with the goal to create a fun, creative, and positive environment for actors and crew alike to come together and feel comfortable and welcome.  Village Theatre lives by the proverb that “it takes a village” and successfully strives to put the community back into community theater.  Have a budding (or experienced) actor in the family?  All are invited and encouraged to audition for Village Theatre’s upcoming shows.  It’s a great experience for actors young and old alike.  Village Theatre Company is more than a theater group – they are a friendly, welcoming, tight-knit theater family always eager to assist each other, encourage individual expression, and help each other to grow.

“Sherlock” is a fun, witty show featuring a talented, clever cast.  Part of what makes the show so enjoyable is that the actors on stage are having as must fun performing as the audience does watching.  The show runs this Friday, July 18th through Sunday, July 20th.  There are two shows on Saturday, July 19th; a 2pm matinee and a 7pm evening show.  The shows are performed at the Laurel Grange (21 Garden Street, West Newbury, MA).  It’s the perfect show for the whole family to attend!

We eagerly look forward to Village Theatre upcoming production “Monty Python’s Spamalot,” the hilarious musical “[lovingly] ripped off from the motion picture ‘Monty Python and the Holy Grail'” which is set to hit the stage this winter.  Being familiar with the show and knowing Village Theatre’s excellent quality, we can say that this is one musical you don’t want to miss!

In the meantime, keep up with the Village Theatre Company on Twitter @VTCvillage or visit their website – and sign up for their e-mail list.

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