The Haunting is Alive – An Immersive Haunted Experience at the Salem Inn

History Alive

For years, the Salem Inn has heard reports of spiritual activity in and around their properties. While none of it implies malintent, both the Inn’s employees and guests are convinced that something–or someone– is trying desperately to communicate. Among these witnesses is local historian Louisa Rogers, who has experienced the most spiritual activity of all in her residence at the Salem Inn. In the hopes of establishing a connection between these happenings and Salem’s past, the Salem Inn has called upon Rogers, Cora Sprague-Fox (a local medium), and you to get to the bottom of it.

Join the Salem Inn for our first
Show & Stay event.

We’re proud to collaborate with History Alive, Inc, producers of Salem’s resident acclaimed interactive theater experience Cry Innocent for almost 30 years.

Be the first to experience Art & Craft – the intersection of romance, art, witchcraft and scandal brought to life through a brand new interactive theater experience created exclusively for the Salem Inn.

This intriguing journey back in time will explore the very real relationships tribulations and challenges that surrounded some of the city’s earliest settlers played out across in period authentic houses and rooms – with you right in the middle of it all.

$40 per person – plus room

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