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Mad Dogs Unchained – The Music of Joe Cocker Played By Joe’s Band

November 8, 2019 @ 8:00 pm

Special Woodstock 50th Anniversary Show THE MISSION: Play the songs just as we did with Joe keeping his legacy alive. “Mad Dogs Unchainedcompletely blew me away. One of the best bands in the world.” -GREATER BOSTON MUSIC REVIEWS MAD DOGS UNCHAINED Cliff, Deric and Mitch not only share a past with Joe Cocker, they also share his musical vision. Together and at different times over four decades, they toured the world with one of the most iconic voices in rock history. Playing on many of his records together, their careers were forever intertwined. This connection affordedall of them the great opportunity to perform at places like Carnegie Hall, Wembley Stadium, and The Royal Albert Hall. All of this was highlighted by playing a historic free concert in Berlin the day the wall came downin 1989. After Joe’s passing, Deric and Cliff talked and felt the need tokeep his music alive. They reached out to Mitch to propose their idea fora project and he was in! But one question remained: Who could possibly stand in Joe’s shadow and sing his songs? They had almost given up until a chance hearing of Elliott Tuffin. Living in London, Elliott became a hugefan of Joe’s and a great singer in his own right. He had posted some of his material on Facebook. Recently, Cliff’s wife SueAnn was listening to Elliott’s version of Unchain My Heart. The similarities between the two voices were so uncanny, Cliff thought his wife was listening to Joe but realized she wasn’t. It was Elliott Tuffin! Cliff and Deric decided they had found the guy with the voice that could make Mad Dogs Unchained possible. Elliott’s true love and respect for Joe was undeniable. That along with hisincredible voice made Deric and Cliff feel they could now do justice to Joe’s legendary music. MAD DOGS UNCHAINED Elliott Tuffin: Lead Vocals CliffGoodwin: Guitar/Vocals Mitch Chakour: Piano/B-3/Vocals Deric Dyer: Sax/Keyboards/Congas Marty Richards: Drums Wolf Ginandes: Bass Megan Wolf: Vocals/Percussion Read full bio at http://www.maddogsunchained.com/bio.html

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November 8, 2019
8:00 pm