Essex Agricultural and Technical School

565 Maple St, Danvers, MA 01923


As you know, we have implemented full remote learning for all students to commence the 2020-21 school year. All instruction will be conducted virtually from the schools. During this initial phase, which will occur through September 25, all schools will be operating on a shortened day schedule. However, staff will be available after the scheduled periods to assist your child with instructional needs. Since staff will be using the buildings, the schools will be sanitized and disinfected several times a day with deep cleaning on Wednesdays. As the health factors and safety standards are reassessed, the instructional plans will be modified, where necessary. We anticipate returning to the schools on Monday, September 28.

The mission of Essex North Shore Agricultural & Technical School is to create a culture of academic and technical excellence, encourage continuous intellectual growth, and promote professionalism, determination, and citizenship for all students, as they develop into architects, artisans, and authors of the 21st century community.

This will be accomplished through a 4-­‐tiered approach, requiring both commitment and investment from all members of our community:

Students will …

  • take ownership for their learning by being active participants in their own education
  • be respectful and considerate citizens both in school and in the community
  • encourage and support growth in themselves and others

Staff will …

  • equip students with the skills necessary to have an array of college and/or career choices upon graduation
  • model improvement of skills while implementing a rigorous, relevant, and rich curriculum
  • encourage and support each other in order to create an environment where everyone feels safe to grow and take intellectual risks

Caregivers will …

  • provide the at-­‐home support necessary to be partners in education
  • maintain clear and high expectations for student performance, in all areas, to foster the continual growth of each student
  • guide their student towards continuous improvement

General Advisory will …

  • review and evaluate curriculum and instruction in order to advise on course materials
  • support career and technical education with the current industry trends
  • make administrators and instructors aware of potential internships and co-­‐op opportunities for students

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For the most up-to-date health and safety information, please visit the individual business' website directly.