A Wonderful Hotel in Marblehead, MA

Located in Marblehead, one of the great sailing capitals of the world and one of the few remaining true seacoast towns along Massachusetts Bay’s North Shore, The Harbor Light Inn is, by comparison…unique.

From the soft Southwest sunsets through the small paned windows to the deep rich oriental carpets covering the mellowglow wide board pine floors, there is a warmth, a softness, a sense of serenity at the Harbor Light, much like the gentle cadence of the chimes from a mantel clock. Even with all the expected amenities of any first class Boston hotel, The Harbor Light Inn has a distinct flavor and character……as individual as each of its 20 guest chambers. There is, ever present, the feeling of another era: chandeliers, brasswork, hand carvings, finely tooled furnishings, paintings, etchings and prints….all reflections of the fortunes and treasures brought home from a thousand different ports and a thousand more lifetimes as sea. But it’s not the 18th century architecture nor even the fine attention to the character furnishings of each and every guest room that makes the Harbor Light Inn particular. There is something more…..the atmosphere: the glow from a bedside fireplace, the honest welcome on arrival, a bountiful breakfast buffet with pool and garden view; the very real feeling that every visitor is a guest…..a personal guest.