Since 1864, when the first cottage was built on Salisbury beach, people have flocked to this picturesque coastline to enjoy sand and sea by day, and dining and amusements by night. Surrounded by panoramic vistas of the Atlantic Ocean and invigorating ocean air, Salisbury Beach is a treasured playground for generations of families-those who grew up here and those who return each summer to create new memories and continue timeless traditions.

Salisbury Beach Partnership recognizes the tremendous value of the beach as both a recreational and economic asset for our residents, our regional community, and thousands of visitors who experience our unique natural resources each year.That is why we are leading the effort to mobilize the rebirth of Salisbury Beach and transform this beloved amusement area into a dramatically vibrant and inviting beachfront. Please join us on this important journey.

Salisbury Beach Partnership’s mission is to revitalize and protect Salisbury Beach. Our aim is to reconnect the beach with North Shore users, from local communities to regional residents and visitors alike, so that everyone can enjoy the benefits of the enormous public and private investment in our revitalized waterfront.

The Salisbury Beach Partnership, Inc. is dedicated to making Salisbury Beach a welcoming destination for our community and visitors. Our purpose is:

  • To establish and maintain Salisbury Beach as a great place on the North Shore of Boston for residents and visitors.
  • To promote the recreational, historical, environmental, cultural, and community use of Salisbury Beach.
  • To increase tourism for higher economic impact.
  • To preserve the beach’s unique natural assets.
  • To support revitalization efforts in a manner in which they enhance economic growth, public use and access.
  • To strengthen and bring the community together through a more vibrant Salisbury Beach center.