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Toques De Sabor

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Chanel Thervil

La Cocina de Arismendy Restaurant, 592 Essex St, Lawrence

Located on the side of La Cocina de Arismendy Restaurant, “Toques De Sabor/ Hints of Flavor” showcases snapshots of Dominican culture. The person featured in the portrait is a community member who has attended Elevated Thought’s events. She is followed by pots over stone, wood and flame (remnant of Dominican fogons), tamboras (Dominican drums), and a pilon (a staple in Dominican kitchens to crush spices and herbs). The patterns embedded across the composition were generated from conversations with Elevated Thought’s young people about shapes that embody what their experiences working together have made them feel. The colors of the work are sampled from the red, blue, white, yellow, and green found in the Dominican flag.