Newburyport, MA

Seated on the Merrimack River, Newburyport has a scenic harborside boardwalk, charming downtown, and an abundance of history that makes it a perfect destination for a daytrip or longer.

In the 18th century, the port became a major fishing and trading center. Maritime trade fueled the city’s economy, sparking the extraordinary collection of federal architecture throughout the city. In 1811, a catastrophic fire leveled the downtown, leading to stringent fire safety building codes and the use of brick in the downtown facades. In the mid-1850s, Newburyport was known for shoe, comb and silver manufacturing as well as shipbuilding.

When urban renewal efforts began to demolish historic buildings in the 1960s, Newburyport’s citizens rallied to stop these efforts and save its architectural heritage. The brick buildings around Market Square hold restaurants, fashionable boutiques, and art galleries.