This free and self-guided interactive virtual and on-the-ground tour overlaps the Gloucester Harbortown Cultural District and the Historic District as well as the Essex Coastal Scenic Byway. It stretches over a mile and encompasses much of our City’s unique and authentic heritage on over forty granite posts. It was designed to appeal to visitors of every age and interest with numerous links to more information  with some wonderful video clips and an acclaimed Walking cinema from unTravel Media .It also has an introduction to poets Charles Olson and T.S. Eliot;  artist and writer, Virginia Lee Burton; and women workers on the waterfront.

The Walk was facilitated by the City of Gloucester with support from the Seaport Advisory Council. It was designed by Cambridge Seven Associates and includes interactive components. Among other awards, its Walking Cinema took the Gold MUSE of the American Alliance of Museums ahead of the Smithsonian’s American History Museum and the Barnes Foundation.  The Walk also won the Excellence on the Waterfront award and much press. Please see the website,