b'A historical 1705 land transfer document signed byJonathan Corwin, the famous Witch Trial Judge Save and owner of the Witch House, will be ondisplay at the Witch Dungeon Museum $8. 00at 16 Lynde Street.per person.Visit our website for updates, schedules, Combinationand Covid-19 regulations .ticketsavailable.Celebrating its 42nd Anniversary!Witch Dungeon MuseumThe most exciting experience in Salem! An award winning live reenactment of a witch trialfrom the original transcript of 1692 plus a guided tour through the dungeon. Located at 16 Lynde Street, Salem. Open daily 10am-5pm April thru November. Last Performance starts at 5 pm. Extended hoursin October. Call 978.741.3570.Visa/MC/Dis. WitchDungeon.com Witch History MuseumExperience all the historical stories surrounding Salems1692 witch trials told through an interactive tour.Walk among 15 life size scenes depicting these tragic untold stories of Salem. Located at 197-291 Essex St., Salem. Open daily 10am-5pm April thru November. Last tour starts at 5pm. Extended hours in October. 978.741.7770 Visa/MC/DisWitchHistoryMuseum.comNew England Pirate Museum Located at 274 Derby Street, Salem, features a guidedtour where you will visit a re-created dock-side villageand pirate ship and experience the adventuresof NewEnglandssea-robbers.Opendaily10am-5pmMay thru October.Last Tour starts at 5pm. Extended hours in October. Call 978.741.2800. Visa/MC/Dis. PirateMuseum.com Tickets for Salems Red Trolleyat all three venues!'