b'LobsterHow to Eat aEating a whole lobster is a lot of fun. Put your bib on and follow these steps!The ClawsTwist off the claws. Crack eachclaw and knuckle with a nutcracker and removethe meat.The LegsTake the meat outfrom the leg by bitingdown on the leg andsqueezing the meat outwith your teeth.your teeth.The TailTwist the tail off of the body. Put a fork in the tail upside down between the meat and white underside. Pull the meat out. Take out the black gut running the length of the tail. Pull the body apart from the bottom middle. Separate fromPhoto: Lobster Dinner 123rf/Kishgraphics Montage the walking legs on either side.How to Eat a Lobster | NorthofBoston.org 31'