b'The North of Boston Region isth of Boston Region isCloser Than You Think! How Far Away? Approximate Travel Miles Boston to Salem to Major Cities15.2 miles / 45 minutesBoston 25 miles Portsmouth, NH 39 miles Salem to Gloucester16 miles / 33 minutesPortland, ME 90 miles Springeld, MA114 miles Lynn to Newburyport Hartford, CT120 miles 28.5 miles / 43 minutes Albany, NY188 miles Lawrence to Salisbury New York City 233 miles 24 miles / 32 minutes Montreal, QC312 milesPhiladelphia, PA 325 miles Syracuse, NY330 miles Quebec City, QC398 miles Salisbury495NewburyportHaverhillPhoto: Dog Statue by Dale Rogers, Haverhill by Holly Perry/NBCVB'