Barn at Bradstreet Guest Blog – Tips for Planning a Wedding with How Things are in the Wedding World Right Now!

January 26, 2021 4:17 pm

Did you recently say yes to marrying your best friend?!? Congratulations!!

Raise your hand if you are ready to have something to celebrate- I know we are! Pop the champagne, post a picture on social media and celebrate! This is exciting!

Next step- plan the wedding! Some of you have been dreaming of this since you were little but for others this is foreign territory. It’s ok. We are here to help! (Have I ever mentioned that I owned a wedding & event planning business for a LONG time before opening Bradstreet Farm?! Yes, so I have a lots of knowledge in this subject. More on that later)

But for now, let’s talk about how to plan a wedding in this new world we are living in. Wedding planning right now for the most part is the same as it always has been and always will be- find the person, then the place where you want to say I do and pick a date! Voila! Easy enough, right? Pretty much!

Well, may be a bit harder to find the place and the date right now so I thought I would write a quick blog to help you understand what is going on and get a game plan going to help you find your dream wedding venue! This is full of great ideas so stay with me.

Here is what is going on in the wedding world right now…

  • Most couples used to book about 9 – 15 months out for the wedding date.
  • Now we have people booking almost 2 years out already!
  • Lots of people have moved their 2020 weddings to 2021. This filled the 2021 wedding dates MUCH faster than past years and subsequently forced a lot of people who would have gotten married in 2021 to book a 2022 date instead.
  • So right now, as I sit here typing this to you we are about 60% AHEAD of bookings for 2022 than we have seen in all the years I have been doing this. ( I don’t want to give away my age but let’s just say I have been in the industry for more than 14 years… man I feel 39 today, oops.)

So, when you talk to a venue and they tell you they don’t have a lot of dates left – they are not trying to be pushy and salesy- legit dates are moving QUICK!  Like Cabbage Patch Dolls at Christmas in the 80’s- QUICK. 

So what do you do? How do you make a decision about a venue without feeling rushed and overwhelmed?

Here are my tips to help ease the stress, keep you organized and help you find your dream wedding venue! 

  1. Get a guest list/count together. You need this first This will help narrow your search. You need to know if you guest count can fit at your venue. (we can fit all size weddings here at Bradstreet, just saying).
  2. Have a real – deal talk about your budget. Talk to all the people who may be helping and put those numbers on a spreadsheet and get real about what you can spend. Then think about what makes sense for you- 2021 or 2022 for a wedding date. 2022 gives you a little more time to save but 2021 pricing may be a better fit for you. Then when you are looking at venues, ONLY look at ones you can really afford.
  3. Find a time of year and day of the week you want to look for. Then decide what you will work with depending on availability when you find your dream venue. Many people who never would have dreamt of hosting a Friday wedding are now booking one! You get to save a few dollars on your venue rental fee and guests will understand. Trust me when I tell you that you can not tell which of our weddings happened on a Friday, Saturday, Sunday or even a THURSDAY- yup- Thursday- when you look at the photos on our Instagram feed. They are all beautiful! But for real, have a game plan going in and talk to the VIPS helping you plan. Does Mom/Dad/Bestie know you want to get married in 2021 no matter what dates your dream wedding venue has open or do they think you should wait until 2022 so that you can have a Saturday wedding? Talk to everyone BEFORE you get to the venue so that things are easier if you decide to go ahead and book because again- think Cabbage Patch Dolls- dates are moving FAST.
  4. Narrow your list to 5-7 venues that you TRULY can afford, fit your guest count and can see yourself getting married at. Unfortunately this is not the time to go see 25 venues, the venues are super busy and it will just be too much for you. Narrow your search and then reach out to those top choices.
  5. Set up a call with the venue first. This is something I require for everyone who is interested in our venue. We chat about your wedding and I tell you about our venue all before you even get here. This way you can make sure we are a good fit before you take your tour. Again, spend your time wisely and plus when you get here- or to any venue- you have all the knowledge you need so you really just get to look at all the pretty stuff- like our vineyard behind our ceremony area- have you seen it?!? It’s new and dreamy. Perfect place to get married, just saying.
  6. Then after you have had calls with your favorites, go ahead and book a few tours. 🙂

I know it seems fast but once you have toured, you may need to make a decision quickly if you have a specific time of year in mind. Today alone we booked 4 weddings and it is only 5pm. We only host 1 wedding or event a day and are closed over the winter, so that is a lot of us in one day to book! That is just how fast dates are being scooped up.

But here is the silver lining to booking a venue and a date quickly- you have your wedding venue!! YAY!! You will need to book your vendors sooner than later right after you secure your venue but if you work with a venue like ours that have vendors who are guaranteed to be available on your day ( email me to find out how that coolness happens), you can book the others and then take a break for a minute before securing the rest! Our 2022 clients can really take a breath after they secure their vendors and enjoy the engagement too!

Have I told you yet that you are actually supposed to enjoy the engagement too?? For real, you are! So take this advice, follow what I say and you just might find yourself enjoying everything about this whole wedding planning process!

This is the fun stuff guys,  I promise! Enjoy it!

Thanks for reading and hope this helps!

xx Cheers!

~Tiffany J. Learned

Barn at Bradstreet Farm

Photo by Molly Quill Photography