The Cabots were merchants and mariners who came to Massachusetts in the 17th century, settling first in Salem.

John Cabot (1744-1821), son of Joseph and Elizabeth Cabot, was born in Salem, part of large family of 11 children. His father and grandfather were successful merchants. John attended Harvard College, graduating in 1763. Following his fatherb s death, Johnb s mother moved to Beverly with her children in 1768. (One son stayed in Salem in the family home.) In the 1770s, she built a house at the corner of Cabot and Central Streets where the candy shop parking lot is today. During the Revolution, John Cabot and his brothers owned shares in many privateer vessels and they made a great deal of money. The house was built in 1781. The parlor was a formal room, used to entertain guests. John Cabot was married twice. First to Mary Cox and they had one son Samuel; After Maryb s death John married Hannah Dodge. They had seven children b only three survived childhood Fanny, John and Lucy.