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I’m Stephen Whiting – Husband, Dad, and Boston Wedding Photographer. I can talk to you about the latest Mandalorian episode, or my favorite wedding dress designer (Essence of Australia!). Most of all, I want to you be comfortable with me at your wedding so you can just enjoy your day.

You can hire a “picture-taker” or someone with a nice camera, sure. Or, you can find a photographer that you’re excited to welcome in to the most intimate day of your family’s life.

It’s just one less thing to worry about knowing that you have a friend there to capture all of the candid, emotional, hysterical and real moments that will happen throughout your day. Whatever your wedding day looks like, we’d love to be there and provide you with photos you’ll be proud of, and can pass on to future generations.


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Over 200 couples have been thrilled with the bold, modern, and creative photos that we work so hard to give our clients at every wedding we’re invited to. We love to make sure that our couples have fun on their big day, and are completely comfortable with us. The hardest part of this job is at the end of the wedding, when we have to say goodbye. There are hugs and tears, and excitement to see the photos. We love being welcomed in like part of the family, which allows us to capture all of the moments that truly matter.


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